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CAVUM profile series

CAVUM - The two smallest of their kind!

A small miracle of flexibility is Profloor Technology with the development of the new CAVUM profile series, succeeded, which was specially designed for the installation of floating LVT coverings. So that these pads can move, CAVUM flex on a two-part exclusive screw system - currently the smallest screw system in the world. The unique profile is variable in height and can also be pivoted. User-friendly and high-tension screws facilitate stepless laying.

The CAVUM fix transition strip from Profloor Technology is a sleek and elegant problem solver that has been specially designed for laying floating LVT flooring. Thanks to its visual alignment with the CAVUM strip range, the transition strip creates subtle transitions between rooms.

The strikingly slim design is also exceptional, because an extra space-saving, innovative basic profile finds its slim counterpart in the sophisticated, tiltable upper parts. The shapely CAVUM flex is available as an end, transition or compensating profile and always looks elegant.

For floating coverings, CAVUM is the noble variant among the profiles that gives high-quality plastic design coverings the appropriate finish in every case: CAVUM fix, CAVUM flexCAVUM lifterCAVUM stair, CAVUM flex-stair and CAVUM board easy are an unbeatable-innovative quartet and are a joy to look at and to use thanks to their clever concept.


Individually punchable base and clip system
The CAVUM profile series consists of the following products:

CAVUM fix for covering heights from 4.6 - 8.4 mm

CAVUM flex Screw profile for covering heights from 3.9 - 7.6 mm
CAVUM lifter For rubber heights from 7.9 – 11.6 mm
CAVUM flex stair Staircase screw profile for covering heights of 3 - 8 mm
CAVUM stair  the simple stair profile
CAVUM board easy 2 in one, thanks to the predetermined breaking point​

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