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CAVUM flex-stair

high step edge stability thanks to inserts

CAVUM flex-stair

CAVUM flex-stair

Stair profile screw profile

With the multi-part stair screw system, coverings of 3 - 8 mm find their perfect finish on stairs. The heart of the system is the stable, easy-to-assemble base. The idea of adaptability to the most varied of floor covering heights thanks to a plastic insert with notches is unusual. This ingenious detail gives the stair profile a secure hold.

CAVUM flex-stair

CAVUM flex-stair stair screw profile 3.0-8.0mm

stair screw profiles

  • high step edge stability thanks to the insert

  • height adjustable

  • Coating can expand

  • suitable for the CAVUM series

  • broad and pierced base

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